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Coloring Page Wolves

The pups are helpless when they are born. They are born with no sight or hearing. When the pups are two weeks old they open their eyes. One by one, the baby wolves come out of the den to play. As the pups grow, the mother eats and coughs up the food she ate for her pups to eat. The pups leave the den at ten weeks of age and live with the rest of the pack. They start to hunt with the rest of the pack at six months of age. The adults make the kill and the pups help chase the prey down. This makes the prey tired. Pups like to play with each other by tumbling, rolling, and chasing insects. These games help them to be good hunters. They also play games that are similar to games we play such as hide and go seek, tag, and chase each other around. Pups grow into adult wolves. When they turn two years old, some of the wolves will leave the pack and mate with other wolves. Some of the pups will remain with their pup pack.

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